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Hey There, I'm Amber!
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I'm a detail-oriented, optimistic, health enthusiast with a knack for organizing and a love for sustainability! I believe that having a clear space helps to have a clear mind and a clear mind allows you to act with intention + purpose.

I'm here to teach you how to take control of your space and lead the life you want. I believe the spaces we live, work & play in should serve+ fulfill us.

Together we'll edit + declutter your home to create functional spaces that meet your lifestyle needs.

Let's Curate the space you've always wanted!



True happiness
is about
enjoying what you already have.

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My Services

Home Organizing, Reducing Waste & Creating Wellness

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Ready for functionality that fits your space?

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Perfect for go-getters who want a personalized, step-by-step action plan with guidance along the way!

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Designed to help current clients maintain what we have done together!


"...It has been over a year and I still have an organized kitchen and am eating healthier...She knows what she is doing and it is worth hiring her to set your life on a healthier path with a well-organized kitchen."

—  Nancy S.