I'm Amber...

A detail-oriented, optimistic, health enthusiast with a knack for organizing! I believe that having a clear space helps to have a clear mind and a clear mind invites happiness & peace.

I'm here to teach my clients how to take control of their space and lead the life they want. I believe the spaces we live, work & play in should be functional, efficient and free from chaos.

By helping you remove what's not needed, store what's not regularly used, and methodically arrange what's left, we can make the most out of your space!  

True happiness

isn't about getting all you want

it's about enjoying all you have.

Yesterday you said, "tomorrow...."

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"...It has been over a year and I still have an organized kitchen and am eating healthier. Yes, I do “fall off the wagon” now and then, but I do get back on. She knows what she is doing and it is worth hiring her to set your life on a healthier path with a well-organized kitchen."

-Nancy S.

"Amber made our kitchen accessible.  A kitchen that made sense. A place that didn't seem overwhelming. ...She made that kitchen work! Each drawer, cupboard and space finally had a purpose that didn't feel like a disaster. Amber and I definitely have different visions, what's great about Amber she makes your vision a reality. And she's able to incorporate her vision to fit your needs."

-Parvathy N.


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Amber Bloomberg Professional Organizing is Showcased in FindMyOrganizer & is A Member of the Inspired Organizer Network

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