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Bloomberg Professional Organizing | Portland, ME

Hands-On Organizing
Like hiring a fitness trainer, but for ORGANIZING!

Our sessions are like a work-out, except the reward at the end is a home that best serves you.

Through both compassion & fun I will be there to support you through the process.

We will work collaboratively to achieve your organizing goals & create the space you've been waiting for.

Your investment goes further than the surface.

Let’s reclaim your time, energy, happiness, and space!



Click here to schedule your complimentary 30-60 minute consultation conducted prior to first session

A Hands-On Session Includes:

4 hours of hands-on work in your home, plus:

  • Additional time spent designing your space & organizing solutions

  • Shopping for organizational necessities as needed

    • shelving, containers, baskets, etc.

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers, as needed

  • Coordinating the disposal or donation of large unwanted goods

  • Removing unwanted items for consignment, donation or trash

  • Any communication with me via phone or email


Single Session: (4 Hours)


Package Discounts:

4 Sessions: $1140 (5% off - save $60)

8 Sessions: $2160 (10% off - save $240)

12 Sessions: $3060 (15% off - save $540)

Packages must be paid in full before the project begins and are non-refundable.


Will you donate items as needed?

Yes! I will donate as much as possible to the place of your choosing and leave large/bulky items for pickup services to haul. Hazardous waste and e-waste will also be properly disposed of and I will bill you back the agency fees.

What do you do with trash?

I utilize your trash as best I can, provided it aligns with your trash day. We do not haul away trash but are happy to schedule haulers, dumpsters or other disposal systems for you!

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes - Life totally happens and I get it! While I respect your time I hope you respect mine too! I prefer a 48 hour advanced notice to cancel or reschedule our appt together.

Do you travel out of the Portland, ME area?

Due to covid I am currently not travelling from the Portland area. I will update as soon as I am able!

Do I have to be present while you work?
I prefer when my clients work with me in the beginning. It makes the first phase, decluttering, much better for both of us. In some cases, typically with my larger packages I will do some work on my own if my client cannot, or prefers not to be present. 

Will I have to throw everything away?

Definitely not! I encourage the opposite. I prefer to donate or sell before tossing something if we can help it. Our landfills are full enough! I also encourage a good DIY project, so if there is a fun, alternative use for an item, I’m all for it! (as long as it actually gets done!) But we have to be realistic too- we don't want to add more to your to-do list!

How do I prepare for our sessions?

Don't touch a thingggg! Leave everything in its place! No need to tidy up for me, that actually makes it more difficult to see the whole picture. 


Speaking of Sessions, what are those?

A session is a 4 hour time slot. 4 hours is the number of hours I have chosen to schedule each of my clients. It is the perfect amount of time to spend to put my best work into the world. Any less than that and we hardly scratch the surface! 

Why would someone want more than one session?

Everybody and every space is different. My package recommendations vary greatly and are dependent upon your goals, the size of the space, and the amount of work needed. Estimates for sessions are made after reviewing your space and getting to know what we’re working toward. I highly recommend having follow up appointments to maintain the systems put in place during our sessions, as well!

Call, text or email for any further questions!

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