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My name is Amber Bloomberg and I’m a lover of healthy (but delicious) food, clean living, and most of all, organizing. I believe that having an organized home, and especially an organized kitchen, leads to a happier, healthier life. Instead of viewing your kitchen as a disaster area -- where the heck are the bowls and why is the pantry such a mess? -- you’ll think of your kitchen as a calm, inviting space, where you want to cook and spend time. Instead of being distracted by all the clutter in your home office, you’ll be able to stay focused on your work, and then have more time for play.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel like the kitchen is the last place you want to be, like the clutter of your home is weighing you down, or like your bedroom is not the place of serenity you think it should be. But over time, I began to declutter my home and implement some organizational systems. The Benefits

Meet Amber!

of doing so are real: organized spaces keep my mind sharp and my stress low, make it easier to entertain, cook, and pack / unpack for trips, and allow me to save money by not buying unnecessary foods and goods.

I want to help you realize those same benefits. That is my passion. I’ve learned and developed organizational techniques that are easy to implement and will make your home efficient, beautiful, and organized.


Sometimes when I tell people that I’m a professional organizer, they giggle and say something like, “dear lord you’d never want to come to my house!” or “wait ‘til you see my house!” I can relate, I’ve seen it all, and I’m here to help. My goal is to teach and inspire my clients to lead simpler, happier, and healthier lives. That starts with a well-organized home, and first and foremost, a well-organized and nourishing kitchen!  


So, you want to get organized and I want to help you. Let’s chat! Give me a call or send me an email to set up a free consultation.


Amber Bloomberg Professional Organizing is Showcased in FindMyOrganizer & is A Member of the Inspired Organizer Network

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