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New Site + Redfin Shoutout

Hey there! What year is it? This is a bit of a WOW IT'S BEEN A WHILE and how can I catch you up quickly, post. Without further ado, many moons ago I created a "new site" and never clicked the launch button. I'm blaming 2020! Thanks 2020. So, here it is in all it's glory. It's pretty much the same with a few minor changes and much more white space. I loooove blank spaces! It allows so much more room for...activities!

The most important updates of all are relating to covid and my session length. Though I will still take on clients, the environment in which I will do so has changed. I will be masked & gloved in a safe & distanced space. And I have finally bumped my session length to 4 hours! Yahoo! No more going "over" our 3 hour limit for those finishing touches because that is included now. Can I get a hallelujah? ...or not. That's fine. But I'm pretty excited about it.

ANOTHER reason I made my way back today was to shoutout Redfin for featuring me in their recent article 11 Tips for Organizing your Entire House. Each tip is given by a different professional organizer and there is bound to be an approach that appeals to you! I discussed my love for zones in the kitchen (not to be confused with calzones...though I love those too). Zones are a terrific way to keep your kitchen flowing seamlessly and make cleaning up much easier. I will break this up in greater detail in a future post. For now, enjoy the quick read from Redfin and if you're thinkin' of selling or just moved in, consider hiring a professional organizer to get you started. I'm happy to do virtual organizing for you if you live out of state or are taking extra covid precautions.

Stay safe and well, my friends.

Until next time!


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