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Happy New Year!


January 1st isn’t just another day. To many of us it’s the start of something fresh and new. The new year reminds us of the passage of time and allows us to reflect upon the past. It allows us to set new goals and resolutions for the year to come and gives us something to look forward to!

One of my most favored resolutions of New Years past is my challenge to do yoga once a day. I utilized a free Youtube series called, “30 Days of Yoga” through Yoga with Adriene. She is amazing by the way. I always tell people that she changed my life….and that’s the truth! With her yoga challenge I was able to hold myself accountable and finish all 30 days. It was something I looked forward to (even at the 11th hour when my bed was screaming my name).

She has a new series called “TRUE” for 2018. It’s another free 30 day challenge! I love her style and certainly urge you to check out her Youtube channel if you want to give yoga a go. I used to think Yogi’s were cultish, weirdos (no offense!) and I never bought into the whole thing…but now I’m hooked. And I hope you’ll be able to say the same!

Sticking to your


  • Create a Vision Board

  • It’s helpful to have a visual of what you want to achieve as to prompt you to make better decisions.

  • Start a New Habit Instead of Breaking an Old One

  • New habits take 21 days to form while old habits are difficult to break! Start one day at a time, and give yourself a pat on the back each time you do it. Even if it seems like a small feat.

  • Be Reasonable!

  • Make resolutions you think that you can keep. Losing weight too quickly is never healthy, but setting small goals can help you achieve what you want.

  • Break ‘Em Down into Quarterly Goals

  • Set small, yet specific goals and change them with the season. It can allow you to see the progress you’ve made or where you need to improve. It also allows more reflection time if you’re revamping your goals as you go.

  • Talk About It

  • Find a partner. To hold yourself accountable tell someone else your goals and let them do the same. This can deepen a friendship while helping both of you grow!

  • Journal Daily

  • Journaling is a great way to begin your day or to reflect on the day you had. It’s never too late to press the “reset button” on your day. If it feels like a bad one, start over! If you’ve eaten something you didn’t want to eat, make up for it by eating something better at the next meal. No need to feel shame or guilt. Just shake it off and move on!


Join me in my yoga journey with Adrienne! It starts January 2nd and is 30 days long.

You’ll thank me later. ;-)

Better yet, let’s work together! If you’re in need of a kitchen revamp or need a partner to work out your new years resolutions, I’m your gal. I’d love to help you go through the stuff in your kitchen and make space for the fun new gadgets you may have gotten over the holidays (did someone say pressure cooker?!). I’d also love to be the sidekick who joins you at a yoga or workout session or is simply there to guide you along your wellness journey.

I truly want your kitchen to be your favorite place to eat, play and be happy.

Let’s do this!

Peace, love & a cozy kitchen,



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