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5 Benefits of Working With a Pro Organizer

New England Home Organizing

Welcoming a stranger into your home can certainly be scary. And working with a professional organizer basically calls for just that! But organizing other's home is something I take pride in. I know it is an extremely personal process, and I always ensure that I am supporting you through every step of the way. My goal for you is an end result that is satisfyingly pretty, functional and easy to maintain.

So, what exactly would you gain by working with me?

1. More Family, Friend & Play time

It’s no secret that with less stuff there is less housework. Ridding excess clutter can eliminate up to 40% of that housework. Whew! That’s HUGE news. You have less chores and much more time to spend doing the things you love.

I’ve heard people say that if they were organizing on their own it’d take them three times as long. Your time is valuable!! When hiring a professional, part of what you’re paying for is the time you get back by not having to organize yourself. Saving time by getting organized and staying organized truly opens up your calendar for what’s important!

2. Mental Clarity

Clutter undoubtedly makes it difficult to focus on a single task. Decluttering and streamlining your surroundings can be restorative and relaxing. Clearing that clutter clears the physical space so you can partake in an activity, it provides a sense of accomplishment (translating into motivation) and it gives you time to think about the activity in which you're about to engage.

3. Increased Productivity

Since organization helps the brain focus on one thing at a time, it leads to more finished projects and more kicking ass. When your work area is organized and you’re more productive and efficient, it means you’re able to finish at a reasonable time and turn off your work brain. This leaves you with the time you need to exercise, prepare a healthy meal, hang with the family, relax, and get more sleep. Utilizing this precious time wisely creates a boost in confidence and ambition and sets the tone for days to follow.

4. Stress Reduction

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? It’s that feeling when there are too many choices and you either lose impulse control, or do absolutely nothing. When there is too much happening in your home, where do you start? Disorganization is like decision fatigue on constant loop, which leads to massive amounts of stress. Not to mention all of that housework you have to do! Becoming organized helps nip stress in the bud and prompts you to recognize the beauty in the things you already own and increase that gratitude-o-meter!

5. More Money

Forget the sale price, everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it. This is my favorite quote! There is so much truth in it. When we stop consuming so much, we begin to have more gratitude for the belongings we DO have. Really though, decluttering helps you to see everything you own and can save you so much money! You won’t be buying quadruple the same food and watching the extra 3 go bad. You won’t feel the need to purchase those “impulse buys” at the checkout counter of your favorite store, and you’ll actually enjoy walking into your closet or pantry when you can see their contents. Put that money toward the things you love & are passionate about or just save it for a rainy day! Better yet, whenever you feel a purchase binge coming on, make an investment with the money you would have spent! Imagine the gains you could get!

Bonus ->> Better Sleep

A chaotic daily grind can lead to doing last minute tasks-like paying bills or typing emails-in bed. Eek! This can wake you up and make falling asleep difficult. A more organized home & life can help make your bedroom a sanctuary for rejuvenating sleep & fun fornication. Because, well, that’s really what it's for!


To hire an organizer or not....What is there to lose, really? Just pick a time to get started and block out a few hours to complete the task. You can get organized with or without a professional, however, it’s a completely different experience when you get to go through your stuff with someone else there with you.

Wait....did I mention FUN yet? could be FUN! As you may already know, I love organizing so for me to come to your home is like a celebration or a party. I'd be honored to have an organizing party with you!

One day, or day one….you choose!

Schedule your FREE consultation with me so we can start our own party. <3

'Til next time folks.

Professional Home Organizer Amber Bloomberg


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