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Wait, Wait, While I Procrastinate

We've all been there...waiting to do something until the very last minute, if at all. Look at me-I've waited until the day before procrastination week (2nd week in March) to bring this up to you!

Instead of talking your ear off about procrastination I'm just going to list some of my very own ideas intermingled with fun ideas I've found online to combat this so-called procrastinator in you:

1. Wake up earlier- Any morning person can appreciate that feeling when you hit your 10,000 steps before 8 am. But really, you're likely to get more done if you rise a bit earlier. Because then you can do #2 (I mean the #2 below this #1, that wasn't a poop joke), and feel a heck of a lot better about the productivity of your day.

2. Get the easy stuff out of the way- This one's my personal favorite and I do it all the time. Why? because for some reason it gives me that pat-on-the-back boost I need to keep trucking. Check, check, and check things off your list. It's bound to make you feel good and want to keep trucking.

3. Visualize how you'll feel when you're done- This is something I've started doing recently. It reminds me that if I "just do it" then I'll feel a hell of a lot better when I'm done. Visualizing myself at the finish line before I'm actually finished makes me feel that much closer to the end and can also make the task-at-hand more satisfying.

4. Appreciate the little things- If you're procrastinating about doing your mundane, day-to-day tasks, step back and look at the bigger picture. You have to take out the trash, because you're fortunate enough to have a home. You have to do your homework, because you have the opportunity to further your education. Putting these things in perspective can help you appreciate the little obligations that you would otherwise prefer to neglect.

5. Eliminate distractions or set time limits- Admittedly, I spend more time on Instagram than I probably should. The bonus is that the people I follow on that platform generally lift me up and inspire me to do good things. The pitfall? You guessed it...wasted time and total distraction from the task that I'm trying (not) to get done. It's best when I set a time limit, or refrain from going on at all because then I keep my brain sharp and focused.

6. Hang out with people who inspire you- I've made a handful of great friends since moving to Portland and I've stayed choosy about how I spend my time. If you're surrounded by people who lift you up, they can be your inspiration to finally do the things you've put of getting done.

7. Keep an accountability partner- Ideally this person will also have goals they are working toward and can use you as their cheerleader as well. Having a buddy can keep you on track and hold you to your word. You don't want to let them down!

8. Stop making it complicated- There truly is never a perfect time for anything in life: kids, a job, vacation, self-care, or even cooking dinner. But sometimes you just need to do it without overthinking it. If you wait (and wait, and wait), time will run out! I, myself, struggle with this thing called perfectionism, and that is one of the biggest causes of procrastination. Don't let it bog you down. You live for you and need to impress no one. Peep this article about perfectionism here.

There ya have it. Just a few thoughts on how to kick procrastination in the pants. Hopefully you didn't stumble upon this doing some during a procrastination sesh. But regardless, thanks for reading.

Peace, Love & Cozy Kitchens,


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